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Tropical North Qld is home to a diverse range of native tropical rainforest fruits long known by the indigenous people for their healing and wellness properties. The Davidson’s plum has three times more antioxidants than blueberries. Due to its powerful flavour and health properties, it lends itself to many culinary uses, both savory and sweet and is in high demand by the health foods sector.

The Lemon Aspen is Australia’s native citrus, Acronychia acidula, and is native to tropical north Queensland and the Atherton Tablelands where it is also known as ‘pigeon berry’. The majority of research has been conducted on this species. Lemon aspen has higher anti-oxidant capacity than blueberries and is a very good source of folate, zinc and iron.

While the fruit can be eaten whole, its strong lemon and grapefruit flavour most commonly lends itself to use in a range of value-added products, including flavouring in drinks and both sweet and savoury products.