Davidson’s Plum

Davidson’s Plum (davidsonia pruriens) has a vivid red flesh colour and intense flavour. Davidson’s plum is an ancient species, and it is native to the Australian rainforest. Although the colour and shape of Davidson’s plum are similar to the European plum, they are not closely related. The European plum has smooth peel and firm flesh, but Davidson’s plum has rough and hairy peel and juicy flesh. Actually, the Davidson’s plum has golden hair grown on both
stem and peel. Davidson’s plum is a traditionally “bush tucker” for the Queensland indigenous people. They have been eating it for tens of thousands of years. Local women also use plum pulp to treat wounds.

Rainforest Heart has over 1,000 Davidson’s Plum trees in our rainforest orchard in Far North Queensland, the native home of the pruriens variety.

Research projects have identified potential for significant nutritional and medicinal benefits from the fruits, some of which are already used in nutraceutical and functional food products. Published reports are available from the RIRDC website http://www.rirdc.gov.au/publications

This native Australian plum is widely used in jams, sauces, fruit wines and more recently, in yoghurt and other dairy foods.

It can be supplied as frozen puree, fresh whole, or as a dried powder.