About Rainforest Heart

Previous owners Margo & Peter purchased this land at Brooks Rd, 21 years ago and started to learn how to domesticate and cultivate wild rainforest fruits with experts’ assistance. Davidson’s Plum became their first choice due to its unique characteristics as a rainforest fruit native to the Atherton Tablelands region.

There are two flat star shape seeds in Davidson’s Plum but only one can be fertilised. Low variability in seeds allows the new generation to inherit good characteristics from the old generation. Therefore, seedlings are the most effective method to cultivate Davidson’s plum.

It is a long-term process to domesticate and cultivate wild fruit. To harvest the bigger, sweeter and better-quality fruit, people have spent hundreds of years, introducing cultivation, domestication and hybridization. The aim is to augment the yields of Davidson’s plums. They have been monitoring climate changes and productivity of a select group of fruit trees closely for more than a decade, and making every effort to cultivate a better generation of Davidson plum to achieve higher fruit yields.

The development of agriculture and animal husbandry, and urbanization has resulted in the deforestation of the worlds rainforests. A few species of Davidson’s plum were near extinction once. Since Davidson’s plum is gradually becoming to the most popular “rainforest food” and more and more people start to plant it, those valuable species could be well protected. The wild fruits also provide new habitats for wild animals especially for the endangered Australian Southern Cassowary. Those millions of years old ancient species are like a rainforest heart which constantly supply blood and nutrient to the rainforest and contribute to the maintenance of ecosystem health and vitality.

Due to an increasing consumer interest in low sugar products and in the health benefits of native fruits, Rainforest Heart knew they needed to develop core products that were pure fruit only, which could be more readily shipped. The high costs of production and freight for traditional value-added products drove them to investigate light weight and shelf stable options with optimal health benefits. They developed a process to pulp, dry and mill the fruits into a powdered format. This has enabled a versatile pure flavor product to be available for a lower cost to a broader customer base.

By drying and making a powder from the fruit, we are making the unique colour, flavor and functional values of this fruit available to a wider audience. The manufacturer or consumer get the base fruit flavor and benefits, and can themselves choose whether or not to add sugars or other flavor balancing ingredients.  One of our primary uses for the dried Davidsons plum powder and fruit granules, is as a fruit infusion tea. It is sold to be consumed with no sweeteners and is being readily adopted by health conscious consumers.